Most people know COOTS as a kind of bird. But they are also a group of fibre artists from diverse areas of Central Otago in New Zealand, who work Outside The Square.

Started almost twenty years ago, the membership has evolved over time but the enthusiasm for creating is as strong as ever and the group continues to produce work that is imaginative and enormously varied.

Members are continually seeking new ways of using fabric and fibre, and it is often the combination of techniques which make the group’s work so intriguing. It includes wall hangings of painted, stitched fabric; hand-dyed scarves of luxurious silk; stitched and machine-pieced quilts; felted paintings; books covered in richly hued fabric.

A varied group of artists, they have strong opinions, who love to experiment and to exchange and explore ideas with fabric, fibre, paper and dye.

COOTS are holding an exhibition at the Wanaka Community Hub until June 28 and includes imaginative felt work, abstract images of Wanaka, and creative patchwork, all the work of six members of COOTs, three of whom live in Wanaka .

Come to admire, be intrigued and be amazed at the skill of the women of our area.