Experience a visit from a ghost as history comes to life! ‘Te Tupua–The Goblin’ tells the tale of a disenfranchised child, a shipwrecked sailor, a slave, a tattooed freak. A Scottish lad of 10 is driven into slavery aboard His Majesty’s ships, circa 1800. After 15 years at sea, he is cast onto the shoreline of Aotearoa. The fight for survival begins.‘Te Tupua – The Goblin’ is a solo play written and performed by John G Davies. Te Tupua deals with atonement concerning bi-cultural New Zealand and the hidden trauma of our shared violent history. This play is suitable for ages 10 and up. Thursday 23 May 7 pm at the Lake Hawea Community Centre Tickets are $25 adults and $10 school students available at www.lhcc.co.nz/whatson