The Ruby celebrates the art and pleasure of open water swimming in a pristine alpine lake around Ruby Island.

The Ruby series of open water swims incorporate distances from 10km down to 200m. There are two marathon length swims at 10k & 5km; an iron distance at 3.8km; the centerpiece event around the island itself at 2.5km and then 1.2kms to the island and back and 600m to the island and a lift back in a boat. Plus our 200m event for those simply wanting to be a part of the day.
Each event is more than just a race. It’s about taking in and enjoying everything the water and surroundings, above and below the line, has to offer.
Water temperature in January will be approx 16/17° degrees but it could be on the low side at 15° or on the plus side up to 19° degrees. Its variable as nature dictates.
All the swims start and finish at Waterfall Creek
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